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Hanes Panties

Hanes has been in business for over one hundred years.  The company strives for customer satisfaction, and is well known for their exceptional quality in undergarments. They are most famous for their multiple lines of men's, women's, and children's underwear.  However, their vast product list does include other apparel.  Perhaps one of their more popular categories is Hanes panties.  The company makes a wide range of panties for both women, and girls alike.  Below is a description of some of the different styles of Hanes panties.
Lets start with the traditional brief pantie.  Hanes traditional brief panties are snug fitting to the hips and tummy.  The have a high rise, coming up past the naval area.  These panties do provide a full range of front, and back coverage.  Though these are not always considered to be the sexiest of styles, they are comfortable and well fitting.  As well, they can be cute when adorned with soft colors and flowery designs.

Next, is the low rise modern brief.  These Hanes panties are very siminalr to the traditional brief, yet they have a flirtatiously lower cut.  They rest one to two inches below the naval. These undergarments are more appealing to the eye.  However, they still provide a good amount of front, and back coverage.

Hanes Boy shorts are a good choice for the "tomboy" kind of girl who wants to keep her feminine flair.  Boy shorts are a cross between men's boxers and the traditional ladies panties.  These panties are comfortable, flirty, and playful.  They are wonderful for the active, or sports minded girl, as they don't ride up like other panties.

Hipsters are great for the lady who wants to show off her silhouette.  These panties are very high cut in the legs, showing off those curvaceous hips and thighs.  Hanes Hipsters are the perfect intimate apparel for the woman who wants to feel elegant all day long!
Then there are the Hanes Bikini panties.  You guessed it!  These are very much like bikini bathing suite bottoms.  The have minimum front and back coverage, with about two inch side strips.  If you choose to be more flirty, you can opt for the more narrow, inch side strips.  These are really cute!

For those times when a lady feels like being extra sensuous, there are the Hanes thong panties.  These are similar to the bikini pantie, accept for a more famine V cut.  Most have a lacy band, and narrow side strips.  They are perfect for the woman who is confident in her sensuous self.

Once you have decided on the Hanes panties style that best suits your personality, there are some other perks to consider.  Most of the styles above come with a variety of options.  You can choose tagless, so that you never have to worry about the itch of tag against your soft skin.  They also offer no ride up garments, and waist bands that will not roll down.  You can as well choose from a variety of different fabrics, ultra soft cotton, stretch cotton, nylon, and even satin and silk!

No matter which style you choose, you will be pleased with the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of Hanes panties!  As well the low pricing of their product lines is amazing.